Portrait of Kayleigh DeFrancesco

My Bio

I was born in Portland, Maine and ever since I have lived in Saco, Maine. From kindergarten to eighth grade I attended a private catholic school. I went to school with the same group of 50 kids from about age 6 to 13; this shaped a great part of my childhood. From there I attended Thornton Academy where I ran cross country and played tennis. The running didn’t last long, but I continued my passion for tennis through senior year and have continued to love the competitive game. A majority of my time in the summers is spent waiting tables at Hurricane Restaurant in Kennebunkport. I have met a great bunch of people since working there and am lucky to work in such a beautiful seaside tourist destination.

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Creative Statement

When I’m not working or studying at the University of Maine I love to take pictures and visit new places. Last year I envisioned myself as an international business major and imagined one day traveling for my career. Though I have transferred out and am now centralized towards new media/graphic design, I hope to carry this passion for traveling on with me as I continue. I am just as excited however, to learn more about new media and its programs. I continue to learn about the program and what I can take from it